At the time we began the assignment in 1996, Butler Square was not recognized as a viable option for a large percentage of the tenant population. We were charged with marketing the building more effectively by taking advantage of the property’s unique elements and associated benefits. ‘‘Creative’’ office space was not a trend, and the open ceiling look was not viewed as a positive element. We undertook a strategic process of developing office spaces that highlighted the attributes of Butler Square, and positioned those attributes as benefits to tenants.

  • Changed the perception of Butler Square as ‘‘just another class B building’’ by highlighting the creative elements of the building and tenant spaces.
  • Developed a new marketing program, which included highlighting various timber-construction features and characteristics.
  • Added one of the first conference areas and bike storage as amenities.
  • Focused the design of tenant spaces to be about the character of the space, not just efficiency.


  • After initiating a new marketing program, our team saw Butler Square go from 70% occupancy to 100% occupancy.
  • The property was recognized as the best building in the Warehouse District.